What a wonderful, insightful, provocative poem

Saying goodbye to Sydney Greenstreet and becoming Rick Blaine

Sydney Greenstreet (Sr Ferrari) greets Humphrey Bogart(Rick Blaine) in The Blue Parrot (Casablanca, 1942, Warner Bros)

In the space of twelve months I’ve lost my ass and I don’t want it back. No, I’m not celebrating a spectacular investment loss, either. In January 2020, after an injury to my ankle and complications, I topped my bathroom scales at 85 kilos. Twelve months later, January 2021, I’m a slimmed down 72 kilos.

And there’s no magic formula, no carbohydrate massacre, no graveyard of grapefruit husks nor empty gallon jugs of Organic apple cider (with the mother). I’ve continued to eat well and indulge my other favourite pastime, drinking beer and wine. …

Touching on things close to my heart and past experience here, Toni, your knowledge and research is exceptional.There were a couple of times I felt drawn from events in the story by commentary and even tense but they don't detract in the least from this nailbiter.

(to be or not to be)

Remembered you,
I don’t know why,
your shade intruded
my reality

How are you?
Any news?
Why say that?
I don’t know why

Answer? Don’t commit,
become a ghost
in cyber purgatory,
the new reality

Reach out,
touch, feel,
smell the fragrance
of life decaying

Dermott Hayes

Novellist, poet, blogger and ex-journalist. ‘If the cap fits.’ https://medium.com/@dermotthayes

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